August 1st, 2008  |  comment

-Paris - French President Nicolas Sarkozy paid tribute Sunday to Egyptian filmmaker Youssef Chahine who died at 82 after a brain haemorrhage.

Sarkozy called Chahine an 'energetic defender of freedom of opinion.

'Chanine was attached to his Egyptian homeland, but he was open to the world,' the French leader said in a statement distributed by Elysee Palace.

'Chahine was an independent intellectual who advocated the merging of cultures,' Sarkozy said, also praising Chahine as one who his entire life used pictures in the battle against censorship, fanatacism, and extremism.


- Al Akhbar news paper wrote a huge segment about Chahine  [READ]


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-ROME, Italy - This year's Venice film festival showcasing new offerings by the Coen Brothers, Takeshi Kitano and Hayao Miyasaki, will be dedicated to the late Egyptian director Youssef Chahine, organisers said Tuesday.

The central figure in post-war Arab cinema, Chahine died Sunday aged 82 after spending several weeks in a coma.

"The 65th Mostra will be dedicated to Youssef Chahine, a unique filmmaker: who else could have succeeded in mixing the philosopher Averroes with Fred Astaire? That's what cinema should be about," festival director Marco Muller told a press conference in Rome.


-GENEVA, Switzerland -- The 61st Locarno Film Festival will host a special tribute to Egyptian director Youssef Chahine, who died Sunday at the age of 82.

Among the events planned to honor the helmer is a special Piazza Grande screening Aug. 7 of "Al Massir" (Destiny), Chahine's historical romance that originally screened at the same venue in 1997.

Chahine, who Locarno artistic director Frederic Maire called a "dear friend," had long ties with the Swiss festival that runs Aug. 6-16.


- TIME magazine wrote a phenomenal article about Chahine's death: [READ]


- Fans attend Chahine's funeral: [READ]



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The grand master of Arab cinema, Egyptian film director Youssef Chahine, died at the age of 82 in Cairo on Sunday after an often controversial career which spanned half a century.

For a man already in his 80s and who was credited with introducing art-house movies to the Arab world, his last work "Chaos" (released last year with the Arabic title of Heya Fawda) pulled no punches.

"He skewers political parties and Islamists," was the verdict of the film industry's Variety magazine.
"He levels devastating charges against the past half-century of autocratic rule, whose regimes have destroyed civil society and made the average citizen either apathetic or afraid to protest."

Chahine was airlifted to hospital in Paris after suffering a brain haemorrhage and falling into a coma on June 14, with the Egyptian state footing the bill. He was returned to Egypt still comatose on July 16.

"I am young. I am only 81 years old," Chahine told a press conference at the Venice Film Festival last September. "I hope I can keep working for another 10 years. Old age is to let oneself become old."

Chahine won official plaudits for his pioneering role in Egypt's film industry and was awarded the Cannes festival's 50th anniversary lifetime achievement award in 1997.

But he has never shied away from controversy, criticising US foreign policy as well as Egypt and the Arab world.

Chahine made his first of 44 movies in 1950 and it was he who discovered and launched the career of fellow Egyptian Omar Sharif, who then shot to stardom with "Lawrence of Arabia" and "Doctor Zhivago."

A Variety reviewer hailed Destiny as "the most courageous frontal attack on Islamic fundamentalism to come out of the Arab cinema to date ... and a blunt allegory condemning the politically driven fanaticism of present times."

Despite his often abrasive tone, Egyptian authorities - officially at least - recognised Chahine's contribution to the nation's cinema and his "daring" representation of its society.


Chahine is survived by his French wife Colette. A funeral ceremony will be held in Cairo on Monday, ahead of his burial in Alexandria.



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Youssef Chahine , still in his coma, returned to Egypt 2 nights ago. He was accompanied from France by a doctor, 2 nurses, and marianne khoury. He is now currently in the Kwar Mosalaha Hospital in Maadi. The internal bleeding has stopped, but his condition is still critical. Wish him all the best.



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We all wish Youssef Chahine well, and we want to thank the fans for their great messages and great wishes to Joe's well being. We all wish him the best.


With great saddness I received about Mr. Chahine's stroke and health condition.
I've been searching the Internet for updates on his health with great worries and hopes in the same time.
Would you kindly inform me about the latest development.
All my thoughts and love are with him. Hoping his struggle will succeed and looking forward for more of his wonderful works.
With all respect and love,

Amjad Khalifeh


Des millions d'egyptiens et d'etres qui t'aiment prient pour toi. Courage. Merci a ceux qui l'entourent de continuer a lui parler et l'encourager s'ils en ont la possibilite


Mona Hares


I am the child in Haddouta Masreyya (I am 37 years old now, of course). I really hope Joe gets better.


Osama Nadir


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Youssef Chahine is in a Coma, and his health is in risk.


Youssef Chahine underwent head surgery overnight at a French hospital and remains in critical condition after suffering a brain haemorrage, an embassy official said Wednesday.

Arab cinema's most celebrated director, the 82-year-old Chahine had a sudbural hematoma removed to alleviate pressure, said Egyptian embassy official Hani Nimatallah.

But he said that a second hematoma had not been removed and that Chahine's condition was still considered "critical".

After suffering a brain haemorrhage Saturday, Chahine fell into a coma and was flown aboard a special chartered medical flight from Cairo to Paris where he was admitted to the American Hospital in Neuilly-sur-Seine, west of Paris.

President Hosni Mubarak has said Egypt would pay for his treatment in "consideration of his involvement in the construction of Egyptian cinema," Egypt's MENA news agency reported.

We all will pray for you Joe, We hope your recovery will be quick and painless..


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The film has been one of the most talked about films in years, everyone who leaves the theater ends up debating what they saw with others around them. Heya Fawda is a new record, topping any box office mark for a Youssef Chahine film, making over 3 million pounds to date, definetly a huge turn out for a Chahine film finding more audience to his film.

The film has been called one of the most daring films ever made, a film that portrays an honest image of modern day Egypt and people are able to relate to it immensely.


Revoews started to make its way across the internet: CLICK HERE

and here is the french trailer that premiered in theaters in europe:




   December 6th, 2007  |  comment

Yes, Youssef Chahine's long awaited film HEYA FAWDA is out in theaters, watch it and make sure you share your comments in the forum about the film, will be waiting to hear from you.

Also, here is some 5 clips including the French trailer, available from the film: WATCH NOW


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A press conference video of Youssef Chahine and Khaled Youssef talking about HEYA FAWDA at Venice film festival. 

[ HEYA FAWDA JOINS ''The Times BFI 51st London Film Festival'']

   September 15th, 2007  |  comment

Yes, HEYA FAWDA was chosen by the times bfi london film festival, another major festival in the film business. There will be screenings available. [Read More].

Another review comes in from The Hollywood Reporter.


In other news, here is a view interview with Khaled Youssef at the Venice Film festival this year:



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The first major review of HEYA FAWDA from Variety magazine


"Viewers may ask why Youssef Chahine, the grand man of Egyptian art cinema, chose to make "Chaos" in a style akin to the populist films his fans usually rail against. The answer surely lies in the message: Why make a movie about police brutality and corruption when the people who need to see it are filling the local multiplexes? Visually flat and pitched like a soap opera, "Chaos" is subversive precisely because of its style. Unfortunately, putting it in competition in Venice does it no favors...."[Read More].


   September 12th, 2007  |  comment

So I decided today to take the time to make some wallpapers for the upcoming film HEYA FAWDA. They are mainly 1024x768, I hope you enjoy them and make sure to view the other WALLPAPERS as well. Click on images to enlarge

[View More]


   September 12th, 2007  |  comment

There was something deeply touching in the sollecitudine with which Khaled Youssef it has accompanied it, nearly supporting it, until the table of the press conference. It is before the time, he seems incredible, of Youssef Chahine in competition to the Extension of Venice. It had come already, in giuria, in 1980, but then they knew it indeed in little. After the international consacrazione of To massir (the destiny), biopic musical comedy of smagliante energy dedicated to the free thought of Averroé, every film of the master alessandrino has provoked a renewed interest, increased from vis the controversy with which Chahine it has been useful for every public participation in order to shoot to broadsides against the democracy in sauce Egyptian of Mubarak. Stavolta the waits were if possible greater, inasmuch as Heya Fawda (the Chaos) mark the return of Chahine to the social novel, to seven years from El akhar (the Autre). []


In other updates, New clips and footage has been added to the VIDEO section, just scroll all the way to the bottom where you will find a clip talking about Cannes Interview.


Some images from Chahine at Venice this month:

Also, here are some new images added to the website, more in the photo gallery:

[View More]


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By Mike Collett-White

VENICE (Reuters) - Veteran Egyptian film director Youssef Chahine still feels young at 81, and hopes he has another 10 years of film making left in him.

Reports that Chahine fell ill during the shooting of his latest movie "Heya Fawda" ("Chaos"), in competition at the Venice film festival, led to speculation it could be his last.

A second director, Khaled Youssef, was brought in to co-helm the movie, which tells the story of Hatem, a boorish Cairo police officer who seeks to use his connections to escape punishment for a serious crime in a fable of how power corrupts.

"I am young. I am only 81 years old," Chahine told a press conference in Venice. "First of all, I never look at myself in the mirror; I think it's silly to do that and tell oneself that you are getting older," he added, speaking through a translator.

He reminded reporters that Portuguese film maker Manoel de Oliveira, who also has a film at the festival this year but not in the main competition, was still going strong despite being several years his senior.

Oliveira is widely known as the world's oldest active film director at 98. He has two pictures planned in 2008, according to online movie database www.imdb.com, and turns 100 in December next year.

"Thank God there are older people than me and they are still young, like Mr. Oliveira," Chahine said. "Yesterday we met and he squeezed my hand very hard and almost crushed my fingers.

"At 81, I am not old compared to him and I hope I can keep working for another 10 years. Old age is to let oneself become old. I believe that it is possible to meet people who are 20 years old who are older than me."


   September 1st, 2007  |  comment

"A new film by Youssef Chahine is always an event. Well into his sixth decade of filmmaking, the great master of Egyptian cinema continues to tell stories with both heart and bite. Chaos is set not in his beloved Alexandria but in the hustle and madness of contemporary Cairo, where Chahine – working here with long-time collaborator Youssef Khaled – is free to take the gloves off." Source: Cameron Bailey - TIFF07


So if you are in Canada, you are lucky, there are show times available to see Chahine's new film. to view the theaters and dates the film is screened in  [Click Here].


HEYA FAWDA is schedule to be released in France on December 5th, 2007.


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   August 25th, 2007  |  comment

Youssef Chahine has decided to join his cast and crew in Venice film festival for the incompetition screening of HEYA FAWDA. It's been over 20 years since Chahine has been in Venice, last time he was there it was for HADDUTA MISRIYA.

For theatrical release, Chahine decided it would be better to wait and release the film in the spring of 2008. He feels it will work better since the film has a different tonality in comparison to the comedic/action film summer lineup in Egypt.


   August 24th, 2007  |  comment

Available online now is the Egyptian teaser trailer for the film HEYA FAWDA, enjoy.


   August 24th, 2007  |  comment

 An interview has been conduced with Youssef Chahine by Qantara magazine: Youssef Chahine is the grand old man and the enfant terrible of Arabian cinema. Moritz Behrendt and Christian Meier met the 80-year-old director in Cairo, who on the occasion certified his reputation as one of the most vociferous critics of Egyptian politics. "It was in the news that you joined the anti-presidential "Kifaya" movement before the presidential elections." [Read More]

A French interview, at the Cannes film festival in 1999 has been conducted with Youssef Chahine, its very interesting [Watch Now]


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Toronto International Film Festival is committed to bringing audiences the best cinema from around the world. With 73 titles announced today, the Festival furthers its role as a significant platform for international filmmakers, offering audiences a panorama of artistic and cultural viewpoints to choose from. These titles feature some of the powerhouses of the film world. The 32nd Toronto Film Fest runs September 6–15, 2007. [Read More]

First Venice, now Toronto; congrats Mr. Chahine. Heya Fawda is a Khaled Youssef film as well as a Youssef Chahine film.


   August 24th, 2007  |  comment

 Finally, and after alot of emails and a long wait, a fully functioning YoussefChahine.us is back. Enjoy it. Make sure to join the forum to be updated ":)